Saturday, April 24, 2010

meijer trip 4/23/10

So my trip to Meijer yesterday was a NIGHTMARE. Carefully planned everything, had 2 transactions ready to go, should have gotten $12 in CAT coupons from the first transaction, and NOTHING prints. Argued with the lady at the Uscan, then headed to customer service for about 10 minutes. She finally gave me the $8 off from the betty crocker etc. deal, and the $1 for the 4 Totinos pizza. But said there was no proof by the 100 cal snack pack Kraft cheese that there was a CAT so I just gave up. Started to head out to my car, and RIGHT by the door there is a giant sign about the deal, lol. So I put my groceries in my car, marched right back in, and after at least another 10 minutes, finally got it. Crazy lady at the Uscan told me I didn't get them because I used so many coupons, I was like look, I'm a professional, haha. So the deals didn't work out quite like I had planned, but I still have $12 left to spend for my next trip to Meijer :) Here's what it WOULD have looked like:

Deal ONE:

1 BC Cake Mix
2 BC frosting
3 Fiber One Bars
2 Bisquick mixes
3 BC Brownie mixes
1 BC muffin mix (those items were all for the BC/GM catalina)
1 Freschetta pizza
3 Kraft 100 cal cheese
4 Totinos pizzas
2 Toaster Scrambles

Total b4 coups: 54.38
Total after coups: 22.66 (including a $2 cat from before)
Got $12 in CATs back

Deal TWO

4 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh lunchmeat
2 5ct. Kraft Mac and Cheese
4 Chips Ahoy cookies
1 Freschetta Pizza
2 Boxes Kashi cereal

Total b4 coups: 46.14
Total after coups: 12.20 (would have been .20 if I had the CATs)

Total retail cost: $100.52
Total OOP w/CATs: $22.86 (77% savings! My best so far!)

So the moral of this story is, make sure you know what coupons you have, what deals you should be getting, and what to do if this happens! The lady at the customer service desk was very understanding, so I lucked out!


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